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Domestic Violence Counseling Online

According to research, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence in the United States. Studies also indicate that domestic violence increased during the pandemic, and is expected to rise as the world adapts to a hybrid mode of living. Unlike other forms of violence, domestic violence can be particularly damaging to the victim’s self-esteem and confidence. As their partner belittles, gaslights, abuses, and physically assaults them, victims often feel unworthy and helpless.

At Calming Streams Online Counseling, we provide counseling for domestic violence online. Our empathetic, experienced, and trained counselors start by understanding the dynamic between the perpetrator and the victim. They get a good grasp on the underlying causes of the trauma and the extent of the violence committed by the perpetrator. After developing a nuanced understanding of the victim’s pain, trauma, and psychological suffering, they gradually start the healing process.

Most victims of domestic violence feel anxious, stressed, and depressed. Over time, their psychological state worsens. It’s important to note that domestic violence doesn’t occur in isolation. It’s combined with other forms of violence, aggression, and abuse—namely, mental abuse and emotional abuse. As the victim is tormented—mentally, emotionally, and physically—they give up.

When an individual is being attacked from all ends, they feel trapped and helpless. They don’t believe that there is a way out. This has to do with the power dynamic created and enforced by their abusive partner/spouse. If the victim doesn’t seek counseling, their mental health may rapidly deteriorate.

Start Healing Today: You Deserve It

At Calming Streams Online Counseling, we start by helping victims recognize their inner strength and tenacity again. These two capabilities are lost when a person experiences continual domestic violence in their relationship, engagement, or marriage. Based on the frequency, extent, and type of domestic violence, the victim may lose their sense of self-worth completely.

Our counselors are committed to rebuilding self-confidence and self-assuredness in victims. We help them recognize their strength and hold onto it. As they strongly grip it, they are able to use this strength to stitch themselves back up and build a healthier, happier life. This process isn’t easy, but it’s possible. By empowering victims, we help them realize that they can escape an abusive situation and regain their happiness.

We understand that each case of domestic violence is significantly different. Based on these nuances, we help create a realistic pathway for healing that can be actualized. If you’re seeking domestic violence counseling online, reach out to our counselors today. We counsel individuals who are presently experiencing domestic violence or have experienced domestic violence in the past. It’s also possible that you’re in a transitioning phase between these two stages. We’re here to help.