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Online Cou​nseling for Grief and Loss

Grief and loss can find their way into an individual’s life when they least expect it. While everything may be on track, you may face severe loss that pushes you into a deep hole of grief that you can’t crawl out of no matter how hard you try. Overcoming grief can be extremely challenging, especially for individuals who haven’t experienced it before. Based on the severity of the loss, you may feel demotivated, depressed, discouraged, resentful, and anxious. If left unaddressed, the source of your grief can cause continual stress that makes life increasingly difficult.

At Calming Streams Online Counseling, we’re committed to helping you get back on track. Our experienced, empathetic, and trained counselors work closely with each individual to help them unpack, sort through, organize, and heal their trauma. We gently open, clean, and bandage your wounds to help you live a better, brighter, and happier tomorrow. This process isn’t easy or quick. It takes time. By helping you navigate your loss and cope with it at a gradual pace, we help dissolve your grief with time.

Our Unique Approach to Providing Grief Counseling Online

At Calming Streams Online Counseling, we steer clear of using a one-size-fits-all counseling approach. We understand that each individual has unique experiences. They navigate grief and loss differently. They have different coping mechanisms, reactions to trauma, and healing journeys. As we work with each individual, we use a counseling approach and create a counseling plan that works best for them. If you recently lost a loved one, we’ll take our time to understand your connection with them and what’s preventing you from moving on. Based on these nuances, we’ll help you embark on the journey to healing.

Our counselors prioritize empathy in each session. We put ourselves in your shoes and understand exactly where you’re coming from. Once you start your session, you don’t have to worry about any judgment. We’ll empathetically listen and gradually steer you towards a clearer path that carries less pain and offers more contentment and happiness. By carefully lightening your load and helping you understand why you’re feeling overwhelmed by grief and loss, our counselors help you turn the page and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

After experiencing moderate to severe loss and grief, we often fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We may refuse to believe it exists. After all, we were the recipients of such massive grief and loss. How is it possible that there’s hope and happiness in store for us after a period of such darkness and bleakness? In actuality, there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Trauma triggered by grief and loss can make that light appear fainter and much, much further away, However, it’s there. Our job is to help you recognize and reach it.

We’re ready to help you find the brightness in your life while still holding the memory of the loved one(s) you lost close to your heart. If you’re ready, reach out to us today. Let’s start your healing process together.