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How Can Therapy Help with Stress Management?

The modern world has all the luxuries and conveniences you could ever desire. Yet, you’ll find that managing stress has become more challenging than ever. Although feeling stress is a natural human emotion, prolonged stress can be detrimental to your life.

Unfortunately, research shows that stress has been growing worldwide. An increasing number of people report their stress is spiraling uncontrollably, affecting other life areas.

According to the American Institute of Stress, approximately 33 percent of people state undergoing extreme stress. Moreover, 77 percent of people have shared stress was impacting their physical health. Likewise, 73 percent of people reported stress was damaging their mental health.

These figures represent a grave concern. Unfortunately, it’s not just Americans who are struggling with stress. According to the Global Organization for Stress, other parts of the world aren’t doing much better. Statistics show that 91 percent of Australians undergo stress about at least one facet of their life. Likewise, 86 percent of Chinese workers report being under extreme stress.

Given that stress is a growing problem, you’ll want to ensure you’re treating your mental well-being with the utmost care. One of the ways to manage stress is through therapy.

How Can Therapy Help with Stress Management?

Many people are often skeptical about how therapy can help with stress management. After all, there’s long been a stigma attached to any mental health conversation. However, the tides are now changing. Therapy can help manage stress and alleviate it in several ways. Here’s how:

Bring Awareness to Major Stressors in Your Life

Before you can manage your stress, you’ll need to understand what’s causing you stress. Some people might be experiencing stress because of relationship problems or family problems. On the other hand, others might be facing severe stress because of work issues. Regardless of the cause of your stress, you’ll need to identify it so that you can address it. A counselor can assist you in recognizing these stressors.

Healthy Outlet

Stress can lead to other problems, including anxiety, depression, anger, etc. However, that’s where a counselor proves beneficial. A counselor helps you identify the primary stressors in your life. Moreover, they also enable you to channel your stress appropriately. A counselor will provide you with the techniques and strategies to alleviate stress healthily. For instance, many counselors will recommend exploring a creative outlet to help you unwind. Likewise, they might recommend picking up a hobby to keep you occupied, preventing you from stressing out further.

Coping with Stress

In addition to providing you with a healthy outlet for stress, counselors will also equip you with coping mechanisms and effective self-care activities. Moreover, they’ll also prevent you from venturing down self-destructive avenues. Counselors usually administer personality tests to understand a client’s personality before they teach them coping techniques. Every person is different, so some tactics work better on some people than others. However, typically, a counselor will teach you breathing exercises and emphasize the importance of physical exercise.

A young woman holding her head due to stress

Manage Your Stress Effectively with the Assistance of a Counselor

Dealing with stress can be challenging. Hence, you’ll need the help of a counselor. Calming Streams Online Counseling can assist you with your stress management needs.

Calming Streams is an online counseling service that aims to help people with challenges in their lives. We provide individual counseling in Douglasville, GA. Moreover, we also give counseling for stress, domestic violence, emotional abuse, special needs, and more.

Contact us for more information or book an appointment with us today.