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How to Build Inner Strength When You Feel Helpless and Frail on the Inside

Let's face it. Life will blow you off, knock you down, keep you running over and over again. While resilience is critical in times like this, finding the strength to be resilient is essential. Sometimes you might even hit your lowest low, wondering if you'll ever feel strong again. Fortunately, inner strength is something that can be cultivated over time. It will drive you towards your goals and keep you standing tall through it all.

Here are some you can build inner strength:

Practice Self-Awareness

The first step on the journey to inner strength is practicing self-awareness. Take some time to explore your skills, talents, weaknesses, and aspirations to understand yourself better. This way, you can spend more time focusing on exhibiting and using your abilities while sharpening your skills. You might not find these answers overnight; make it a point to learn and note down something new about yourself every day.

Your Body Says A lot

Your body can tell you a lot, only if you pay more attention to it. The mind and body are linked, so whatever goes through your mind is echoed through your body. Whenever you feel low, take a moment to listen to your body. Walk around for a while to collect your thoughts and assess the problem from the core. If things get worse, get cozy in bed and relax for a while. Inner strength comes when your body and mind are calm and in control.

Discover Your Purpose

Once you find a purpose, you'll be motivated to be strong through it all. No matter what challenges and obstacles come along the way, your inner strength will push you through. Avoid looking at your past mistakes and focus on what the future holds. Make a list of goals (both big and small) that will ultimately reveal your purpose. When you're focused on your 'purpose', your energy and strength will naturally flow.

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