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Steps to Take After Domestic Violence

An incident of domestic violence can be extremely overwhelming to people and can lead to bouts of anxiety and depression. It’s not an environment that one can healthily sustain themselves in and there are certain signs that a person needs to break away from a relationship, with this being a major red flag. If you’re going through domestic violence, here’s what you need to do:

Speak to A Counselor

Many people often become victims of Stockholm Syndrome and internalize their sorrow, wondering whether the abuse they went through was warranted. It never is and you don’t have to bottle it in. Reach out to a counselor as soon as you can and vent your feelings to them. Tell them everything in detail and they will help you get over any uncertainty or brain fog that might cloud your image.

An upset person sitting on the floor.

It's the first step that allows you to vent your frustration and give a timeline of things and any hurdles that may await you.

Work on Escape Plan

In reality, most relationships begin to entirely crumble after an incident of domestic violence. Repeat offenses are extremely common and no one deserves to live in such a hostile environment. You can work with your friends or better yet, a counselor to formulate a plan to escape the living condition you’re in.

An upset woman.

It’s a fact that making an escape plan is a lot easier than the escape itself, but the longer you stay in that environment, the more susceptible you are to harm.


Once you find a suitable opportunity to put your escape plan into action, don't hesitate to get to it. Be in touch with your counselor, friends, and family that can give you the right advice and help you in this initiative. It's important to have a support system as things can be fairly overwhelming in such scenarios.

But with people that understand the situation, have your best interests at heart, and wish to help you, it's possible. It's crucial to escape that environment so that you don't circle back into the same problematic relationship that's harming you.

Online counseling services like Calming Streams help people acquire counseling for special needs, emotional abuse, domestic violence, stress problems, and more. You do not have to go through your journey alone, and with counseling, your problems are attended to and heard. Reach out to us to begin your journey towards a better tomorrow.