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Why Is It So Hard to Develop Self-Love After Experiencing Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is among the worst things a human can experience. In many cases, its effects can last for a while, especially if you don’t have a solid support system and healthy coping mechanisms to rely on. It’s not as simple as a snap of the finger to feel well after facing trauma, which only prolongs depending on the extent. If you’re struggling to love yourself again after going through bouts of domestic abuse, these are the common reasons:


After experiencing domestic violence, people tend to lose their sense of joy and happiness. Life becomes fairly gloomy and it’s common for people to develop suicidal tendencies. Experiencing sorrow of such an extreme degree distorts a person’s viewpoint, which further triggers their depression.

The activities that once gave them joy and happiness no longer provide them with the same feeling. Such victims are unable to enjoy the things that once meant everything to them, all because of their depression.

Lack of Self Empathy

In many cases of domestic violence, people are reminded that they are worthless, inferior, and have other demeaning terms. Eventually, victims will begin to believe such things which bring down their self-esteem. Rather than allow themselves to say “no, I’m better than this”, they’re convinced that they’re not good enough.

Unlike others, they can't empathize that they spent quite some time in a toxic and unhealthy environment that has fed them misinformation.

Lack of Counseling

People that go through domestic violence often suffer from conditions like PTSD, where they require kindness and understanding from others. They must reach out to trained professionals that can help them flourish again. There's an extensive process of unlearning many negative things and relearning positive ones from scratch.

It’s all very overwhelming for the ordinary person, but a trained counselor will be familiar with the case and help the survivor accordingly.

You’re not alone. With proper counseling, you can bloom all over again. If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, grief, and loss, or suffering from a broken heart, online counseling can do you good. No need to power through a case of emotional abuse and domestic violence alone.

Online counseling services like Calming Streams help people acquire counseling for special needs, emotional abuse, domestic violence, stress problems, and more. Reach out to us to begin your journey towards a better tomorrow.